Why Choose Us?

Quality you can trust

We quarantee all our products in our Doc's Choice and Seafood Doctor brands. If there is ever an issue that would arise, we have you covered.

Time & Effort

We take the time do it right. What we mean by this is we have done all the necessary tweaks and plant visits to insure our products are up to our strict specifications so our customers don't have to worry about our quality. We also force the issue to have all of our packaging be in full color. We feel that our packaging should complement the quality of product inside the bag and box.

Dedicated Support To All Customers

We keep our customers informed and in the loop on what markets are currently doing and where we see them going.

Strategically Located

We store our products in strategic shipping locations, so finding freight to ship product to our customers is not an issue. Also, leveraging major US ports allows us to offer cheaper prices to our customers for that very reason.

Selling is won on the buy side

Our buyers work their magic everyday and have many years of experience. We buy our products right so we can sell them at competitive low prices to our customers.

Doc's Choice
USA Sea Scallops

What's our story

The Beginning

Seafood Doctor, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Our Chairman got his first start in the seafood business back in the 80s when his dad quit the lumber industry to start selling west coast fish out of their refrigerated 5th wheel. In time, they moved to multiple locations and became a distribution company. After many years, our chairman took the reins of the business. Unfortunately, it was found out that the company was in financial chaos and in too deep of a hole to get out of. So, in 1997 the company went bankrupt.

Our Start

In 1998, he started Seafood Doctor, Inc. and was determined to get back upon his feet. He started brokering seafood from companies he used to do business with, as well as, selling sea scallops from suppliers over on the east coast. Then he started traveling with the buyer of a big scallop company on the east coast and soon started traveling to Mexico and China sourcing scallops for him.

Growth & Expansion

During his many trips to China and seafood shows, he met new suppliers and then started importing his own products in under Seafood Doctor® and now under Doc's Choice®. As business grew, Seafood Doctor began to hire more employees to handle the workload and expansion. Seafood Doctor has grown to a global reaching company where products are sourced, bought, and sold in Asia, Mexico, Canada, South America, and here in the USA. Our product line has grown to over 30 different species and 4 trademarks. We also make an effort to make sure all our packaging reflects the quality of our products by using full colored bags and boxes.

Our Products

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Seafood Doctor

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