Walleye Pollock
Product Description
Walleye Pollock is the answer to the Swai epidemic. Since people tend to drift more towards Swai over Pollock because of taste and oversoaking issues, we chose to address these two major issues by launching Walleye Pollock. Instead of using chemical (sodium tripolyphosphate) to soak fillets for water retention, we chose to briefly soak the fillets in salt to add flavor, and to lower the typical moisture level of twice frozen Pollock; the quality rivals that of once frozen Pollock from Alaska.
But we didn’t stop there, we chose to adopt the same sizing breakdown as Swai and Tilapia to help people transition easier. Walleye Pollock is wild caught verses Swai and Tilapia that is farmed in ponds. So, if you are looking for a cheaper and more attractive alternative to Swai, think of Walleye Pollock to fill that gap.
Baked Walleye Pollock
Product Details
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